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Welcome to Positive People HR‘ Compliance For You Pack. The pack has seven sections that take you through the stages of the employee life cycle, it covers the key things to consider but does not cover everything.


The recruitment section includes a checklist to help you consider the steps to take to ensure that your process is effective and that all the legal elements have been thought through. Includes: Application Form Offer Letter Contract Template Company Handbook Template Onboarding Checklist Induction Checklist

Probation Period

In the contract of employment, we have suggested that there is a probationary period of three months. In the pack we have included a probationary review form that can be used to assess the new employee’s performance within that period and sign them out of their period of probation. Includes: Probation Letter


There are two types of absence, planned and unplanned. A planned absence is usually a request for holiday or an appointment of some kind. In the handbook there is a policy for managing absence which details different types of absence Includes: Holiday Form Self- Certification Form Back to work form

Useful Forms

Other types of absence include maternity leave, paternity leave and parental leave, these are all included in the Company Handbook. Includes: Performance Review Form Flexible Working Request Form Maternity Request Form Paternity Request Form Display Screen Form

GDPR Regulations

These new updated regulations came into force in May 2018 and gives a requirement for employers to be transparent about what employee data is captured, how it is processed, the reasons and how it is stored.


The payroll form is quite simply to collect the data you need to provide to the person who provides payroll support.

Leaving Employment

In this section there is a letter which can be used to confirm acceptance of a resignation should an employee wish to leave your company.