Our Offering – prevention of tribunal claims from your employees

At Positive People HR our offering is varied and can support your business in a number of areas from general HR support to more focused consultancy with regards to cultural development and employee engagement. We offer all of our services to business across the North of England,  including Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Brighouse, Wakefield, Dewsbury and Horsforth to give them a comprehensive HR strategy that suits their needs while being effective and affordable.

Our general support offerings are there to provide you with the comfort that your business is protected from time-consuming processes and the prevention of tribunal claims from your employees.

Tribunal Definition

A tribunal hearing is defined as “a body established to settle certain types of dispute”. A good example of a tribunal hearing is in a work setting. An incident occurs in a place of work and a tribunal panel is created to discuss the issue, interview relevant people and come to a tribunal decision.

What Is A Tribunal?

A tribunal makes decisions about employment disputes in the workplace. Almost all legal cases that relate to employment issues are settled in a tribunal. Tribunal proceedings cover a range of things like discrimination claims, dismissals and redundancy. 

In practice, tribunal cases are held in office buildings, in individual rooms. Three people make up the tribunal panel, they are the following:

  • An employment tribunal judge who runs proceedings
  • Someone representing the company
  • A person representing the employee

It is a court-like atmosphere but slightly more relaxed and open to the public. Tribunals were originally set up to provide a solution to straightforward cases. Relevant facts were brought up and all three members discussed the subject matter with opening statements and appeals process before a decision was made. However, employment tribunals have become more and more complex and the level of legal advice needed is greater.

In general, though, employment tribunals are to be avoided if at all possible, especially from a business point of view. They can quickly escalate and become time-consuming for you, shifting your focus away from things that really matter. This is why our General HR support packages are so vital, we put a stop to things before they manifest into what we’ve just described.

General HR Support offering

  • Support to Senior Management on people issues
  • Producing contracts of employment and creating employee handbooks
  • Updating policies and procedures in line with legislation
  • Providing recruitment support
  • Giving guidance on Maternity/Paternity/Parental leave and documentation
  • Providing support in disciplinary investigations and supporting managers during hearings and appeal stages
  • Providing advice on business restructures
  • Creating pay review systems
  • Developing and running training programmes

Have you ever heard of a happy and motivated employee making tribunal claims against an organisation? Probably not – and this is where our enhancement services can help. Happy and motivated employees are usually more engaged and committed to your business, in turn increasing productivity, retention and reducing absence.

Enhancement Services

  • Culture analysis and culture development
  • Development of engagement models
  • Development of your organisation’s values and behaviours
  • Developing internal communications w Analysis of your business goals and developing the people plan
  • Analysis and creation of performance management systems
  • Creating meaningful HR management information
  • Leadership development
  • Project Management

If your requirements are not listed above please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our offering in more detail

Benefits Of Engaged Employees And Our Enhancement Services

It seems pretty obvious that engaged employees would be of greater benefit to a company than ones who aren’t happy. Businesses know the importance but struggle to get it right. There is a range of benefits to having an engaged, enthusiastic workforce, they are:

Lower absenteeism

High engagement levels tend to mean that employees are happier. Whether that’s because they feel more valued, listened to or see that their work is having an effect. When employees are happy they tend to want to come to work more, this is the reason that absenteeism tends to dip when businesses manage to increase engagement.

Higher productivity

Following on from the absenteeism point, if people are happier and more engaged they tend to work harder, produce better work and put more effort into it. Individual productivity will increase as will the company-wide productivity.

More effective leaders

If heads of department feel engaged and empowered then you can expect these leaders to want to go further for you and their employees.

How To Get Your Employees Engaged

The best way to get your employees engaged is to get in touch with the people here at Positive People HR, we have a range of solutions available that can help increase employee engagement for the benefit of them and your business. In the meantime, however, here are 5 things you can do to increase engagement:

  • Really get to know each individual, spend time hearing their story and what they want from a job
  • Let them know how the company is doing, bringing them into the company will make them feel part of something
  • Find employees that care about people
  • Support them and the authority you’ve given them, trust them to make decisions
  • Provide them with the tools to be successful in their role.